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I'd always avoided hiring a professional to take family photos because we always seemed to be able to find a few gems from each year's snap shots to put together a nice Christmas card.  This year my husband convinced me to try Graham and I was blown away.  I wish I could go back in time to have him photograph the first few years of our daughter's life.  The photos he created are just leaps and bounds better than the ones we've taken ourselves, and in addition to the photos being so wonderful he was delightful to work with, both the day of the shoot and in the follow-up.  Once we chose our favorites he delivered the files and a slideshow within days.  The whole experience was worth every penny and then some - Mandy

After getting a recommendation from a friend, we were fortunate enough to find Graham available to get some photos of my wife’s 50th birthday party.  With almost 100 people in attendance, on such a bright sunny day, I thought the task would be a bit of a challenge.  Graham’s personality allowed him to mingle with our guests and get some great shots, and he even got smiles from our most camera shy friends.  When we received the pictures with a video montage I was simply blown away by the quality of the images.  At our request, many of the shots were candid and I found Graham’s ability to quietly move through a crowd and capture these rare and special moments is incredible.  We have shown some of our friends the pictures and they couldn’t believe how great these shot were.  I don’t usually write testimonials; however, Graham has a rare gift with a camera.  We will definitely use him again for family and corporate functions.

Thanks Graham, you made my wife’s special day a memory we will have forever.


Graham came to our attention earlier this year as a result of another of his clients recommendations. About every 4 or 5 years we as a family like to capture a day in our grandchildren's, son's and wive's life at our summer place on Lake Erie. 
Graham was kind enough to travel down to the lake and spend the day with us. His patience with our 4 grandchildren and professionalism was a pleasure to witness. Imagine the age range from 2 years to almost 70 with 10 different personalities, Graham was able to relax all of us through several hours of photo taking and changes of venue in a packed full 3 to 4 hour session.
The results are awesome. Graham produced a slideshow video for us with background music of our choice. He captured candid shots of our grandchildren and their parents and also group shots of each family and a couple with the whole group of 10. We couldn't be happier with his work and would highly recommend his services. Every Grandparent, Mum and Dad would be happy and proud to have Graham's creations framed and placed in their home - Ronald

Graham did an amazing job helping us create the look and feel we wanted for our companies website. We explained our high level vision and through his creativity in selecting a venue and style we have excellent biography shots as well as team shots for our business. The backgrounds, color scheme and quality of photo’s really give us that professional look we are trying to portray. Thank you Graham for your creativity and excellent work – you have helped us create the image and authenticity we were looking for - Joanne & Nazim

Graham took pictures of our newly born twins, Matthew and Amy. The photos were exceptional and his professionalism was second to none. We will definitely be asking for his help with family portraits as the family grows up. Thanks for capturing such beautiful memories Graham! - Laura

To say that we are happy with the photographs that Graham took of our family is a drastic understatement. The whole experience we went through, from the questions we had, to the photo session, getting the original proofs, then our pictures and video was so easy and relaxed. At one point, towards the end of our session, Graham mentioned that he had over 600 photos to pick from. I was shocked! I felt like he would have captured maybe 100 during the time that we were either trying to get our kids to sit still, smile, or stop jumping around. Little did I realize that Graham was actually taking pictures during these times - and captured some amazing moments we didn't even think were picture worthy. It was truly amazing. The toughest part of the entire exercise was cutting our choices down to less than 40 final pictures. We easily could have picked 80 of them. Based on the experience we had with Graham, we have already committed to having a photo session at the same time every year., we can have incredible pictures as our family continues to grow up. - Keith

We love the photos Graham took of our family. They capture an important moment in time for us and come to life so vividly in our video and table book.  Graham’s flexibility and personality engaged our boys and gave us some “first time ever” poses that we will now have forever.  We’ll be back in a few years, Graham, for the next round. - Wendy

We were thrilled with the pictures that Graham took of our family. We went to a park where our two busy boys love to play, we all had fun for an hour and at the end Graham said “great, I have 600 pictures!” we were amazed and didn’t even realize all the pictures he had taken. We have blown up several of the pictures around our house with great smiles of the boys having fun. My husband and I have now decided this will be an annual gift to each other on fathers/mothers’ day. Couldn’t be happier! - Laurie